Wild Hearts: A Virtual Guided Breathwork Journey

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Wild Hearts: A Virtual Guided Breathwork Journey


What it is:

Wild Hearts is a group of open-hearted seekers gathering weekly for healing, connection and creation. Together in these virtual sessions, we’ll give ourselves permission to dive deep into our hearts, calling forth our most vulnerable selves so we can heal, hold ourselves with compassion, hold others with compassion, and look forward to create the life we want to live.

Everyone deserves to love their life, to connect with joy and believe in their sense of self and well-being. When we hold ourselves accountable, show up for ourselves and with community, we stand a little stronger in our being-ness. By meeting once a week with the same group of beautiful Wild Hearts, we’ll know, feel the support in community, allow ourselves to heal our stories that we’ve been holding onto, and create clarity on the path ahead.

What Wild Hearts Includes?

  • 8 virtual group breathwork classes

  • x1 30 minute 1x1 with me

    • This may include energy healing, talking through issues that are coming up for you, guided meditations, or anything else that is relevant for you. Each session is different and guided by what you need at the time.

  • All classes will be 1.5 hours except for the first one which will be 2 hours to allow for time for intros and conversation.

Each session will focus on...

one of these core themes: self-love, cultivating self-belief, boundaries, & judgements. These topics have been chosen by the Universe for this series of WILD HEARTS and I believe it’s because we’re ready for wholeheartedly living. We’re ready to give ourselves permission to choose US, to love US, to believe in US, to set loving and judgement free boundaries for US. Therefore, in each session, together we will dive into each topic, explore deeply what is holding us back and where we are free, and through healing circle work, in-depth journaling, meditation and breathwork, we will recognize how far we’ve come, acknowledge the work we’re in the middle of, and create a more spacious tomorrow. We are ready and willing to live an authentic life, to heal our past wounds, and to show up for ourselves, and for others with our wholehearted WILD HEART.

Note: All classes will be with the same group of individuals to allow for deeper connection, you will be able to see and connect virtually with everyone in the group

Exchange & Scheduling: All sessions will be recorded, so if there is a session you cannot make you can press play when you're available!

  • $395 (less than $45 per session including a private)

  • Dates // Time

    • 6:30-8pm every Wednesday starting 5/ for 8 weeks

    • Wednesday 5/16

    • Wednesday 5/23

    • Wednesday 5/30

    • Wednesday 6/6

    • Wednesday 6/13

    • Wednesday 6/20

    • Wednesday 6/27

    • SKIP Wednesday July 4th *OFF*

    • Wednesday 7/11

The good news is healing, changing your life, connecting more with joy is your choice. you have the power, and you have the choice to make it happen. The bad news is, healing, changing your life, connecting more with joy is your choice. You have the power, and you have the choice to make the life you want to live.

What choice are you going to make?
If you’ve never done Breathwork before, or if you’re not familiar with Breathwork and interested in learning more, I’ve written a few articles about Breathwork here:  http://www.breatheaccentedlife.com/blog/2017/1/14/breathwork

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